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About Us

Our flour is delivered weekly from  Marriage`s Mill in Chelmsford and soon gets used in our baking. As this flour doesn’t have any of the nasty additives that commercial flours include, we can assure an excellent quality bakes every time. We believe in locally sourcing as many of our ingredients as we can supporting small businesses and assuring our customers excellent quality and flavour.

And so hard work begins…..a sloppy, porridge like mixture called levain is made from just flour and water. Thousands of years ago the Ancient Egyptians discovered that when flour and water was left out to ferment in the sweltering Egyptian sun, it bubbled creating a natural raising agent in our age called natural yeast. This amazing discovery allowed sourdough (how we call it now) to be made from just flour and water with a small amount of salt to enhance the flavour. When the levain is mixed with more flour and water a bread dough is formed. Here at Flour and Spoon we are still using this ancient method. After letting the stretch and fold process happen our bread is ready to be hand shaped and then put in proving baskets to sleep in the fridge overnight.

Early the next morning while the town is sleeping our bread is turned onto the trays, scored and the high heated ovens makes the magic begin! The intense heat of the oven with shots of steam spark life into the dough making a delicious crust with a well developed nutty flavour. 

The stand is stocked full of bread, the coffee machine is fired up, the cakes are displayed and the doors swing open for an early start to deliver fresh bread and bakes every day to our fantastic appreciated customers. 

Whenever you will try our bakes at home or visit us in our cafe, we do hope you will always enjoy!

Thank you!

Roman & Nick