Whole Milk

Whole milk is milk with nothing taken out, Bradfield's is simply pasteurised on the day of milking to remove any harmful micro organisms. Bradfield's whole milk has been pasteurised to kill any harmful bacteria, but it has not been through the industrial processes of homogenisation, separation or standardisation, meaning it retains all of its flavour and quality. If you like extra creamy milk you can pour it straight out of the top or a quick shake of the bottle will stir the cream back into the rest of the milk.


Skimmed Milk

Skimmed milk has most of the cream removed leaving less than 0.3% fat remaining. Bradfield's do this by passing the whole milk through a cream separator as part of the pasteurising process.  The milk is not homogenised or treated in any other way. The skimmed milk remaining has a fat content of 0.2% which varies slightly depending on the seasons.


Semi Skimmed Milk

Semi-skimmed milk is milk with some of the cream removed. Bradfield's make their semi-skimmed milk by mixing skimmed milk and whole milk together. It has a content of 1.7% and varies slightly with the natural changes in the whole milk content through the season.

Bradfield`s Dairy Farm Milk 1L